PWR visits Wały Śląskie Hydro Power Plant in Poland

Last month, a team from Wrocław University of Science and Technology (PWR) conducted site visit to the Wały Śląskie Water Power Plant in Poland, one of a key demonstrator location for the
D-Hydroflex project. Located in Brzeg Dolny, Lower Silesia Province, this hydroelectric power plant serves both as a navigation and power dam. The run-of-river facility, owned by TAURON Ekoenergia sp. z o.o., boasts a 10 MW capacity, utilizing four Kaplan hydrosystems.

The primary objective of the visit was to review and verify the installed measurement and control systems, ensuring their accuracy and functionality. This assessment is part of a broader initiative to develop a digital twin of the power plant—an advanced digital replica aimed at optimizing performance, enhancing operational efficiency, and facilitating predictive maintenance. The ongoing collaboration underscores a commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in sustainable energy management.

The digital representation of the hydro unit allows for the analysis of existing structures (mechanical and electrical components) and the flow through simulations, facilitating the assessment and optimization of the plant’s performance. This tool will aid in predicting hydrological conditions and verifying hydro system operational scenarios, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the hydropower plant.

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