Digital solutions for hydroelectric plants

D-HYDROFLEX develops digital technologies for increasing plant flexibility and sustainability

About the project

Hydropower is vital for providing water supply, irrigation, drought mitigation, and flood control while supporting the transition to a greener energy system.

D-HYDROFLEX develops digital technologies for increasing plant flexibility and sustainability.


European countries




Power plants operators

The toolkit

We develop a cloud-based monitoring and diagnostics centre that will provide hydropower plant operators with remote, real-time insights into overall plant operations, sources of unplanned downtime and process inefficiencies.

Our cloud platform will be the backbone for the integration of all D-HYDROFLEX tools and will support their setup at demonstration sites, assuring the replicability and scalability potential of the proposed solutions.


D-HYDROFLEX solutions will be demonstrated on seven real hydroelectric power plants (HPP) across five European countries. This will ensure the replicability of the developed solutions in different geographical and market set ups testing variety use cases.  

The core pillars of D-HYDROFLEX project are:




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๐Ÿ“ฃ@CARTIFCT and @CT_EnergyLab project researchers visited the Touro hydroelectric plant (one of the pilot sites in @D_HYDROFLEX ), which is operated by #TASGA, to learn in detail about its operation, control and digitalized information available!

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