Intelligent Asset Management Platform for Hydropower

iAMP-Hydro project will improve the digital operation of existing hydropower plants through the development of six expected results (R) which will collectively form the iAMP – a novel intelligent Asset Management Platform (being result R5), encompassing secure open and transparent data sharing protocols (R4) and three novel digital solutions (R1 – R3):

  • R1. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance modelling;
  • R2. Ecological status monitoring and water management;
  • R3. Improved weather and flow forecasting;
  • R4. Secure open and transparent data sharing protocols;
  • R5. The intelligent Asset Management Platform.

The full package of digital solutions will be validated at a diverse set of five real-world existing hydropower plants producing evidence for policy making to support the green and digital transition of hydropower (R6).

The existing plants include differing power capacities, electro-mechanical equipment type, water end-use, flow and head regimes, climatic conditions, and environmental sensitivities (biodiversity).

Duration: 1/10/2023 – 30/09/2026


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